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Guest Post : Insomnia and Molasses

on Fri, 08/20/2010 - 17:30

A little about Jeremy :

Jeremy Cornish is an Acupuncturist and Ju Jutsu teacher located in Naperville, IL. He is currently involved in multiple projects including an acupuncture stress study, "Acupuncture Happy Hour" on-site in offices, and Executive Ju Jutsu, which is an executive coaching/team building experience. Keep up with him at


Sleep is an extremely important time for the body to heal and repair itself. Trouble sleeping can not only mess you up the next day, but in the long run, insomnia can weaken your system, and make you especially vulnerable to stresses and illness.

Chinese Medicine recognizes many causes of insomnia, and a common one is what we call Blood Deficiency. I'd like to explain Blood Deficiency, and share a very simple recipe you can use to build your blood.

In Chinese Medicine, we say that the blood has many jobs. It brings warmth and nutrients to all the tissues of the body. This means that the blood nourishes and moistens the skin, hair and nails. The blood strengthens the eyes, and helps the brain function. Blood brings a nice pink color to the complexion. We also say that the blood "calms the spirit".

Blood Deficiency is a very colorful way of saying that the jobs the blood normally does are not getting done. For example, someone with a very pale face, thin hair, poor vision, anxiety, and trouble remembering things would tend to fit the Blood Deficiency pattern. Also, if the patient were a female, irregular or very light menses would also be an indicator, since we say there must be enough blood to produce the menses.

People diagnosed with anemia typically fit the Blood Deficiency presentation, but not everyone that is blood deficient has anemia.

Another job of the blood is to ensure a good night's sleep. This is part of the calm spirit. We say that the spirit wraps itself in a blanket of blood while we sleep. Blood Deficiency = restless mind and trouble sleeping.

If the description of the pale faced, forgetful, dry skin, blurry-eyed, insomniac applies to you, or someone you know, there's hope! Try this simple recipe:

1 Tsp Organic Blackstrap Molasses

1 Mug of Almond Milk (or similar)

Warm the milk up (I use low heat on the stove, since I am anti-microwave, but do as you like) and stir in the molasses. Sip and enjoy.

*You may want to drink this before bed, as it has been known to cause a "nice drowse." Sweet dreams...

**Molasses is a high source of Iron (which is a major ingredient in Hemoglobin/your blood).


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