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chinese medicine

Mountain Yam - Shan Yao

on Sun, 11/13/2011 - 09:30

If you haven't already met, I'd like to introduce you to the Mountain Yam (Shan Yao). This is one of the most prevalent TCM medicinal herbs that is also commonly used as a food in a variety of dishes such as soups, hot pot (Huo Guo), stir fried dishes, and grated or sliced raw (the raw version is used often in Japanese cuisine) ....

Mushroom Medicine

on Tue, 05/17/2011 - 03:30

Mushrooms have been used as medicine for millennia. Their DNA most closely resembles human DNA (as opposed to a plants DNA), lending them a strong biological and sometimes also a mythical link.

Burn Salve : Egg Whites

on Thu, 03/31/2011 - 03:30

Hot off the press (though it's been around the block and back for some time) : egg whites are an excellent salve for burns. The high collagen content helps in healing and soothing the burn as well as restoring the skin to it's natural condition.

Guest Post: Shiso Leaf Uses

on Fri, 03/04/2011 - 03:30

A little about Jeremy:

Jeremy Cornish is an Acupuncturist and Ju Jutsu teacher located in Naperville, IL.

Umami : The Flavor of Satisfaction

on Wed, 10/13/2010 - 20:30

Umami is a word borrowed from the Japanese (thank you, Japan!) meant to describe a flavor that falls somewhere between a savory/salty, sometimes sour, with often times a tinge of sweet taste. Umami is the flavor of satisfaction according to the area of

Love from the Sea

on Fri, 09/24/2010 - 20:30

The sea urchin (a.k.a. uni in Japanese or erizo de mar in Spanish): pure joy for your kidney's. This was my lunch today, straight out of the shell. It melted in my mouth.

A Duck's Egg

on Thu, 09/16/2010 - 20:30

I wanted to share the good news on duck eggs (which I already loved). While a free range farm fresh chicken egg is a wonderful source of protein and nutrition, duck eggs are even higher in concentrated amounts of vitamin A and D, manganese, zinc,

The Sandwich Alternative : Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls

on Mon, 08/30/2010 - 20:30

If you, like myself, are craving a sandwich-like meal without the added starchiness of the bread, then the Vietnamese fresh spring roll is here to make your day that much better as you take a chewy and pliant bite of sweet shrimp (or tender meat) along

Guest Post : Insomnia and Molasses

on Fri, 08/20/2010 - 17:30

Jeremy Cornish is an Acupuncturist and Ju Jutsu teacher located in Naperville, IL. He is currently involved in multiple projects including an acupuncture stress study, "Acupuncture Happy Hour" on-site in offices, and Executive Ju Jutsu, which is an executive coaching/team building experience. Keep up with him at

Crazy About Carrots

on Wed, 08/04/2010 - 20:30

Carrots are a surprising vegetable. How surprising can they really be you might wonder when we have all heard how carrots are good for your eyesight and many of us have that image of a cartoon bunny chomping away on a carrot just like popeye slurped