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the spice doc

Sichuan's Finest Spice

on Fri, 11/23/2012 - 07:06

It has been quite some time since I last posted, truth be told it has been over a year (though if you've been following me on facebook, I do get something up there almost daily). In any event, I owe you an explanation and a commitment to be back on here regularly ....

Kitchen Medicine

on Tue, 12/06/2011 - 11:30

And lastly, a cooking tip I learned as per fresh water fish (any non ocean fish) : take your fish, do what you need to do it (keep it whole and gutted or filleted) and submerge it in water with vinegar ....

Steamed Soup

on Wed, 07/06/2011 - 21:52

If you are a fan of soup, and have a large repertoire of recipes on hand to get you through sickness and health, then this recipe is your friend. Perhaps your very best friend! A meal is not a meal in China sans soup, nor are you eating in health without soup ....

Burn Salve : Egg Whites

on Thu, 03/31/2011 - 03:30

Hot off the press (though it's been around the block and back for some time) : egg whites are an excellent salve for burns. The high collagen content helps in healing and soothing the burn as well as restoring the skin to it's natural condition.

(Happy 2011!) Butternut Squash Soup with a Hint of Spice

on Wed, 01/05/2011 - 03:30

Yellow and sweet. The color and taste which treat the digestive system in Chinese Medicine.

Winter Hash

on Fri, 12/17/2010 - 20:30

If you live anywhere near where I do and are beginning to feel the effects of the wind, cold, dryness, and lack of sun, then you are likely in need of something warm, nourishing, and colorful on your plate! Immediately.

Travelling Medicine: Brittany and Normandy

on Fri, 11/12/2010 - 20:30

November and December seem to always zip by so quickly, it's like the last burst of speed to the finish line, and then poof!

Crazy About Carrots

on Wed, 08/04/2010 - 20:30

Carrots are a surprising vegetable. How surprising can they really be you might wonder when we have all heard how carrots are good for your eyesight and many of us have that image of a cartoon bunny chomping away on a carrot just like popeye slurped

Michael Pollan's Food Rules

on Fri, 10/09/2009 - 13:30

Michael Pollan is apparently coming out with a book on "food rules", it is not necessarily more food and nutrition noise I'm happy to say but just little bits and bobs on the culture of food in our own homes, slightly similar in vein to the topic I