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The diagnosis of blood deficiency in Chinese Medicine may or may not show up as anemia upon examination by a Western medical doctor.  If you have been diagnosed with anemia you likely have some of the following symptoms, and if you have not been diagnosed with anemia but are still presenting with these symptoms then you would likely be considered blood deficient by a TCM practitioner

Symptoms:  dull or pale complexion, pale lips, anemia, fatigue, floaters in vision, memory issues, restlessness or anxiety, insomnia, thin and pale nail beds, pale tongue

Foods to eat :  black and red beans, dark leafy greens (cooked), bone stock, beef, liver, lamb, eggs, cherries, red dates (Hong Zao), sweet potatoes, long slow cooked soups, bone marrow, duck or chicken blood (for those that don’t partake in the tradition of blood cakes, then perhaps a morcilla or black pudding will work for you)

Foods to avoid: overly acrid spices in excess, cold and raw foods